Ayowole Oladeji

The Movement of Water

Water is a byproduct of natural usage
Seeing how it runs day and night
Not knowing which direction it is coming from
Sometimes it’s invisible to see it from afar

Hearing it flow down the hill
Sounds like a tune from a musical instrument
Just staring at it whether it’s a pool, river, ocean, lake, or sea
Makes you want to take a plunge in it

Changes colors the water does
From colorless to blue, pink, and grey
Understanding the power of the water’s force
Is very important to the entire world

Sounds of the Ocean Waves

Ocean stands still and peaceful
Not a movement above or beneath
Deep and low sinks everything in it
Slowly the waves form one big square

Hearing the movement rushing towards us
Escaping the current is never easy
Once it grows bigger and bigger
We flee like rapid packs of scared kids

Closer and closer the waves pound
Hovering over our heads and feet
As our clothes are drenched with sand and water
Once the sun brightens the day
Feeling the warm temperatures all day long


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